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electric incorporated

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Electric Incorporated
18 May 1986
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Electric Incorporated is eonism's (formerly known as thesecondson) graphics journal, used to house all my icons, colour bars and layouts for public use and display. The subjects of my graphics change as my interests change, typically drifting from fandom to fandom - from movies and music, to video games and television, and to art and fashion photography. Basically, I'll make graphics of just about anything if the inspiration strikes me. :3
o d d s and e n d s
[x] Comment: Always appreciated, especially if taking.

[x] Credit: Kind, but not a requirement. All publically posted icons are shareable.

[x] Requests/custom-order graphics: See here for details.

[x] No direct linking: Fairly self-explainatory.

[x] Friending: If you're interested in my icons, feel free to add/watch this journal. Please do not go to my main journal to friend me, because I don't post icons there (except for the occasional shipper icon) and it'd be rather pointless.

[x] Affiliating: Want to affiliate? Just drop me a line anywhere on my journal and I'll add you to the list. :)
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